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• October 29, 2016 - SVU Central Region, Erlanger KY - Representative: Zachary Glaysher • November 4-5, 2016 - WSUP, Wausau WI - Representative: Adam Glaysher


Training and Education

On-site or conference..
Glaysher Medical Technologies will come to your lab and train your staff.  One day onsite 8 CME credits from Society of Vascular Ultrasound. 


Glaysher Medical Technologies, Inc. is a company dedicated to relating over 26 years of non-invasive vascular experiences to its clients.  The objective is to bring the trainee’s level of education to point where he or she can competently perform quality vascular studies with minimal supervision. 


Personalized training is done in your facility, on your equipment, using and billing for tests done on your patients.  The program is structured around the type of procedures being done at your laboratory.  This on-site program offers up to 8 Category A CME’s from the Society of Vascular Technology.


Since everybody comprehends information differently, the training is structured toward each individuals needs.  The use of audio and visual material is incorporated as well as actual hands-on application techniques.  Performing studies on actual patients is crucial aspect of applying the materials presented and also defrays the cost of training.


Because the training is so convenient to outside distractions, and the course demands the complete attention of the trainees, we encourage the complete cooperation of the facility.  The itinerary will provide opportunity for business duties during scheduled breaks.

Course Description: Physiologic Testing

This one-day course will cover a variety of topics relating to the procedure(s) associated with the Parks Flo-Lab.  Material covered during the course will include anatomy, physiology, symptomology, physical assessment, hemodynamics, Doppler physics, photoplythsmography (PPG), analog waveform analysis, Pulse Volume Recording (PVR), segmental pressures, stress testing, thoracic outlet, troubleshooting, Allen’s testing and interpretation. 


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